Focusing our efforts on the research front has been satisfying at times because of the connections we’ve been able to make with government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, and other people with Parkinson’s Disease. I say at times due to the fact that some doors come wide open and others don’t acknowledge our knock.

This can and must change. Any individual or organization that purports to work on issues related to Parkinson’s Disease but is not willing to listen to the patient and their real-life experiences, is in the wrong business. Long past is the time when people living with PD were told what to do, how to do it, and expect the same results in cookie-cutter fashion.

Having mentioned the fact that things must change, we in the Parkinsons community must change as well. Getting invovled, to the extent possible, is more important than ever. We can be more effective, powerful, focused, and ask the tougher questions about the state of PD research by building up the ranks.

Get involved with local, regional, national, and even international organizations to provide the one thing that no one else can- the true voice of the person living with a disease for which there is no cure.

On the international level, the Parkinson’s Movement needs you to provide input, help with projects that are being developed, volunteer your time to promote a movement like no other- an independent organization that can collaborate with any and all others that are willing to push research forward- people with PD setting the agenda, the focus, and the manpower to effect change.

Here is my charge to you- let us know that you are ready to help by contacting us via the Parkinson’s Movement website and signing up or contacting me directly if you have any questions.

Much has been done by way of background work to set the foundation for the Parkinson’s Movement. We feel that we’ve been effective in creating a forum that people are starting to notice is not limited to what has been said before. The tougher questions are being asked because we are willing to work side by side with researchers and others to come up with solutions.

So….if you’re ready…let’s build up the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with…to make Parkinson’s Disease a thing of the past.


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