Registration for the third World Parkinson Congress opens Jan. 2, 2013

Travel grant application deadline is April 18, 2013

All information about the WPC can be found at :  http://www.worldpdcongress.org/

The following is a re-post that gives some background information about the WPC:

The World Parkinson Congress is an international conference which draws the best researchers from around the world. The program is designed to highlight what is being focused on in research and the current state of the work being done. The high quality science program is what makes the Congress worthwhile and well attended by clinicians, researchers, and allied health professionals from around the world.

The uniqueness of the World Parkinson Congress is in  the participation of the person living with Parkinson’s Disease, family members, caregivers, and all others interested in attending. Being in the same venue as the people who are at the fore-front of research is a powerful statement as to the importance of the person living with PD, being equals in the process, all the while having an opportunity to interact with each other, is something not found in any other large conference.

The WPC is set up to have plenary sessions to begin each day and are attended by all the registrants. This scientific program gives the non-medical attendees an opportunity to listen to the latest in PD research, who is conducting this, and in which direction it is heading. Parallel sessions in the afternoon give a chance to learn about a wider range of issues related to PD, and the workshops give an opportunity for participation in a smaller group setting with the presenters. WPC 2013 will introduce a ‘meet the experts” roundtable format each day to be able to ask questions on a wide variety of topics, including researchers, clinicians, advocates, non-profit organizations, and others.

The PD community has spoken, and we are being given a chance to be listened to when it comes to pushing research forward. Please make plans to attend!

The World Parkinson Congress has selected 12 Ambassadors from around the world to help promote the Congress. Any of the Ambassadors are available to make presentations about the WPC to individuals or groups interested in learning more about this truly unique opportunity. You can contact me for more information at: israel@worldpdcongress.org



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