I’ve been working at getting my manuscript to the next stage of the process, all the while undergoing constant revisions every time I touch it. And… while the best laid plans most often get pushed back by some delay or another, I’ve been asked by a few people to consider publishing my book in English, Spanish, and Italian. I can handle the first two languages but will rely on the expertise of several people to make sure my message can hit the mark in Italian. Pretty exciting stuff! There are several people whom have read parts of the manuscript and have shared their thoughts. I’ve always thought that the feedback part of the process when writing a book was the most difficult, but this has been a most positive experience for me. I’m getting questions asked that help me to clarify the message and make sure that what I have to say gets on paper. There have been so many ideas in mind through the years and being able to get opinions that help add the necessary details make for me having to dig deep down and describe some things that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. So… having said that, I’m still almost done, but I’m excited about the opportunity to focus the efforts on Parkinson’s Disease awareness and education to a much bigger audience.


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