The World Parkinson Congress 2013 Ambassadors, with an idea from Sara Riggare from Sweden, have set up a crowdrise account. The idea is to get the greatest number of people who are interested in attending the Congress, to have an opportunity to do so. I’ve written before that one of the most important events that I’ve attended since becoming an advocate, was the WPC 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland. The opportunity to be in the same venue with world-leading Parkinson’s Disease researchers, clinicians, allied health professionals, caregivers, and most importantly, other people like myself, that live with Parkinson’s Disease day in and day out, from all walks of life , from all areas of the world, cannot be overstated.

The Inaugural 12 World Parkinson Congress Ambassadors come from eight countries and share the same passion for advocacy, which includes providing a place for as many people as possible to work on collaborative efforts, including the international level. For those living with PD and want to get involved to the extent that they can, there is a place for you. For those who work tirelessly as caregivers and more times than not, live our disease with us, there is a place for you. For researchers and clinicians who have the best interest of the person living with PD at heart, there is a place for you. It will take us, and so many more people to make the demise of Parkinson’s Disease possible.

We have visited with many people throughout the past couple of years that have expressed an interest in attending the World Parkinson Congress, but are honest and open enough to say that it is not possible due to issues related to living with PD and many other related concerns. Many have also expressed their support of the WPC and have asked how they can help make it a success. Sara, in her usual way of sharing her concern for all of us living with PD, came up with the idea to set up a Crowdrise account so that those interested in helping out others financially to be able to attend the WPC, can do so.

Any amount donated to the account is well appreciated and will be used exclusively for travel grants for people living with PD, to attend. More information can be found at: http://www.crowdrise.com/wpc2013ambassadors/

More information about the travel grant process and application can be found on the World Parkinson Congress website: http://www.worldpdcongress.org/?page=TravelGrantApp_PwP

The WPC in Glasgow, Scotland in 2010 had over 3.000 attendees representing more than 80 countries. The initial numbers for the WPC in Montreal, Canada in October 2013 look promising and are on course to exceed the number of attendees from 2010, and with your help, many more people living with Parkinson’s Disease can attend this unique international event.


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