With the World Parkinson Congress 2013 less than three months away, the excitement continues to build as people living with Parkinson’s make travel arrangements, start making connections with others that are planning to attend, and make plans for meeting in Montreal. The excitement also continues to build for the researchers, clinicians, and allied health professionals as well, because, after all, the World Parkinson Congress is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other and start building relationships that will develop into projects that will help make Parkinson’s Disease a thing of the past.

The World Parkinson Congress, in essence, is a place to meet others much like ourselves, whom come from all corners of the globe. The focus is on learning from the leading researchers, get a chance to meet them, visit with them, and find out first-hand, what it is that makes them passionate about their work. From the patient/advocate perspective, finally getting to meet many of the advocates that we’ve heard about, read about, and followed closely as they’ve made a difference in their communities, regions, and countries. We get a chance to find out first-hand, as well, from these advocates and what makes them passionate about their work.

What Can You Expect?

First and most important of all, expect to feel welcomed. Second, expect to see much interaction between patients, advocates, researchers, clinicians, etc. throughout the Congress. Third, expect to be included in the conversations and discussions that are taking place.

When people that are passionate about a cause get together, you will find that introducing patients, caregivers, researchers, clinicians, and allied health professionals, one to the other, is happening throughout the week and that is what makes the World Parkinson Congress unique. As I said before in previous posts, the patient taking part in all aspects of the process is pretty powerful.

As we continue developing ideas that started as a result of WPC 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland, and continue as we approach WPC 2013, the focus needs to be on what can be done. I’ve learned through the years that it takes time and effort and much patience to get anything worth doing, well.

If you are planning to attend the World Parkinson Congress, I look forward to seeing you and meeting you in Montreal. If you can’t join us at the WPC 2013, please make plans to join in the efforts that result from connections made at the WPC.


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