“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’ve previously posted about Jenna and her unwavering quest to make a difference for the Parkinson’s community that includes her dad, Blair.

von Goethe’s quote fits who Jenna is and what she does on a daily basis because of her commitment to help out in whichever way possible. Jenna’s fundraising total (including last year’s amount) is approaching $20,000. I find this pretty amazing. A young girl, with the support of her parents and her community is giving us an example of what can be done. She’s optimistic for a better future for those of us living with Parkinson’s Disease, she’s tenacious when it comes to raising funds for research, and I’m honored to be able to share her work.

Jenna’s efforts continue on the fundraising side and she is also involving the family pet, Ruby, who will be taking part in her second Parkinson SuperWalk. Ruby is also entered in the Pets for Parkinson’s Photo Contest which ends September 3rd. Please take time to vote for Ruby at: http://bit.ly/14lUqsl

The annual Parkinson SuperWalk scheduled for September 7th and 8th, includes 14,000 volunteers and participants in over 100 communities across Canada. More information can be found at: http://www.parkinsonsuperwalk.ca.


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