Involvement as an advocate at any level takes time, effort, and patience. If there is an organization that fulfills the need for keeping up with policies and issues that affect the Parkinson’s community, the Parkinson’s Action Network is a must-join organization that allows you to take an active role in advocacy.

The spectrum for involvement starts at the e-advocate level, includes specific district delegates, and the assistant state director level. The time commitment depends on the extent that you’re interested in getting involved. The e-advocate responds to specific e-mails that PAN sends out when there is a pending vote, and support is needed from your member of Congress on an issue. The district delegate role is unique because your congressman is a key member and usually sits on a committee that deals with Parkinson’s related policies and your help is needed to contact them, seeking their help on a specific vote. Assistant State Directors play a vital role in the outreach on a statewide basis because they have established a working relationship with their congressman and/or their staff. There is room for any and all interested to join us as we influence research, policies, guidelines, and laws that impact us all.

Current issues at the federal level include NIH funding for biomedical research, updating policies that impact telemedicine that would make it easier for many more people to receive the best medical care possible, and Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and FDA policies that provide the help needed for our veterans and all others that are seeking better treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.

Please consider signing up to be part of PAN so that a strong, unified voice can be heard locally, statewide, and at the national level.



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