I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor at 42 in February 2007. After several months of coming to terms with these incurable diseases that had moved in with increasing fanfare from the time I was 37, I decided to do what I could, while I still could, to make a difference. I came to the realization after much thought and prayer that this disease was much more than about me and my experiences. What was seemingly a fairly healthy man to dealing with an incessant tremor, balance problems, and increasing rigidity in the arms and legs, I turned a corner and saw that others were much worse off than me and I could become an advocate for those whom couldn’t speak for themselves. My involvement is the same as the hundreds of other PD advocates around the world, who work tirelessly to seek the best quality of life possible for those among us living with PD, the best medical care available, new treatments and, ultimately, of finding a cure for this disease. Our willingness to help is not enough, it is in the doing that we can fulfill what we are called to do in this life, and that is to serve others. My prayer is that God bless us always and all ways as we venture further out to make Parkinson’s Disease known only in the history books.

“I am a living candle. I am consumed that you may learn. New things will be seen in the light of my suffering.” Leonard L.

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